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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jewish 'English' Defense League, MOD, Israel, the future of David Cameron and the next major false flag 'Olympic games' scheduled for August 2011 in London

Islamic intelligence with his sources was the only blog in the net to announce a major false flag operation for mid-august 2011 in London, similar to the one conducted by the israelis running MOD in 2006 with the 'Heathrow fake chemical bombs' false flag. The coming one is related to the Zion 2012 Olympic Games, use as a pretext to raid innocent Muslims in the Eastern parts of London. Plan is designed to expel any Muslim participation in the Olympic Games security preparation to make Israel bomb the stadium without being seen ? 

No, the plan is start a 'racial civil war', declare openly a full zionist dictatorship through emergency laws under the 'anti-terror act' legislation before the second major wave of the global economic crisis, which will put UK under total chaos this autumn 2011 (and likely to provoke the fall of the government under a huge popular street uprising in the Spanish and Greek styles).  Plan is to 'neutralize' firstly the 'enemy capable of destruction of the zionist banksters ruling the country: Irish and Muslims', then to impose a total military dictatorship over all the people in the UK, then EU. 

The EDL is an MOD front group for the 'Security Services' as the Troubles [WAR] in Ireland is back on. The EDL are a strange bunch and while they are using Islam as an excuse or tool their real agenda is support the Zionist banksters dictatorship over UK/Ireland. The EDL are mostly from the army, ex-army, police, navy, RAF, MI5, MI6, special branch etc, and they are putting together a lawless paramilitary street squad of killers and batterers to implement this plan.  All the 'active' members are already identified and linked through NATO clandestine terror networks, disguised as 'paramilitary forces', working to enslave people under the cartel of the zionist  banksters and their war criminals political puppets.  

English Defence League MI5 & Special Branch Ploy? Olympics Emergency Measures?


There are a number of articles and blogs claiming that the English Defence League [EDL] are a state founded and state funded trap. People from the left and right wing are saying that the something about EDL doesn't add up. Many are saying [probably rightly] that they are a front for MI5 and Special Branch. If that's the case do Muslims, mosques and others have the right to prosecute MI5 for racism?

Are the heads of MI5, Special Branch, NETCU etc behind this? Is tax payers money that could be used to keep people and property safe being mis spent on a state sponsored trap? Are MI5 deliberatly stirring up racial hatred? Are the EDL formed to trap football fans etc before the Olympics? [Possibly]. If this is the case the state will have reason to inflict control orders or emergency measures on sports fans [and working class / underclass areas] before and during the Olympics.

The Elections are due, could this be a ruse by the current government to discredit the British National Party? Are they trying to get the BNP proscribed by creating a uniform wearing, demonstrating, political "BNP" thug outfit?

Are they trying to get Muslim youth to mobilise? Is this a trap to get THEM?

What is clearly unusual about this is that BNP's Chris Renton is a key player but the youth leader Joel Titus is Black and the facebook admins are Black and Asian. Chris Renton is said to organise the internet side of things with them. Why would someone from the BNP [a gold card member] be behind such a group?

The placards used by the EDL all look like they've been done as a joke. The "Gert" placards...Geert Wilders spelled wrongly. The Burka placards which use a picture of a man in a burka. The "serious" website that tells people not to sing the Allah songs etc. Yet there are very articulate, well read and educated people writing about Islam on the website.

Most of the people on the marches are working class lads [mostly men although some women] who are gald to be a part of something "for us". A lot of money has been put into and is being made out of this...for what?

Experienced activists are saying that there is something not right about the EDL. Bloggers have pictures of the riot police taking away Weyman Bennet with the caption : "This is how the EDL deal with lard arse" implying that they think that the EDL are the police or run by the police. If they are the police then the police are running around attacking Muslims and smashing up shops. It has been said before that the head of MI5 has links to David Irving and dodgy oil connections. Could he be behind the EDL attacks? Is he using the EDL to get at Muslims AND the British National Party? Two birds with one stone.

Some claim that they are UAF. Even Nick Griffin has denounced them as a state set up. He could be right. If it turns out that he is right, how mnay EDL are in on it? Something sure is strange about the English Defence League, that much is true and alot of people are saying it. While a lot of groups get accused of this..this is far more apparent with the EDL than with any other group.

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