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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lybia is heading towards a sectarian civil war which will provoke the total destruction of the libyan oil and gas production apparatus and will see the price of the barrel go up to 500 $. This is Israel's master plan to start her big war in the Middle East

The Emir of Qatar built the duplicate of the Bab  Al-Azzazia in Tripoli to fake the fall of Tripoli, news you will never hear from Aljazeera, BBC, France24 or CNN. Al Qaeddafi, Rafik Hariri, and the Emir of Qatar, Sarkozy, Israel are all involved in a huge multi billions scandal of kick backs in defense contracts signed with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE. Killing Al Qaeddafi will save Sarkozy, Israel and the Emir of Qatar  to be investigated in the Rafik Hariri murder.

LIBYA (and Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc.) - ALL about OIL for ISRAEL

Libya is just another zionist instigated war for oil.
The price of Brent Crude oil in London plunged more than 3 per cent to $105.5 a barrel this morning.

But there is unlikely to be respite at the pumps for beleaguered motorists because it takes weeks for a plunge in the price of fuel to filter through.

The oil markets will be watching carefully with a smooth transition of power in Tripoli likely to send prices falling further.
Well, the oil market is one culprit we could point to in response to cui bono from the bloodshed in Libya.
But who else stands to gain from a western friendly government in Tripoli?
Around 85per cent of Libyan oil output was exported to Europe until the revolt disrupted the country's production.
European refineries have struggled to make up for the production loss despite an increase from Saudi Arabia.

Someone who wants to see Europe crushed under the strain of higher energy prices in addition to its crushing public debt?
Or perhaps someone who would prefer to reap the benefits of selling OIL and GAS to Europe rather than those greasy Arabs?

Check out this graph below:

It looks like Qadaffi had a decidedly Eurocentric preference for the sale of his country's oil.
In fact, Qadaffi knew quite well that he could use his willingness (or unwillingness) to sell oil to certain countries as a powerful tool of political persuasion (from the US Dept. of State's background note on Libya):
After the 1969 coup, Qadhafi closed American and British bases on Libyan territory and partially nationalized all foreign oil and commercial interests in Libya. He also played a key role in promoting the use of oil embargoes as a political weapon for challenging the West, hoping that an oil price rise and embargo in 1973 would persuade the West, especially the United States, to end support for Israel.
No doubt israel stands to gain richly from a more western allied government in tripoli -- willing to sell its oil to israel.

In fact, if you read this Congressional Report from March 2011: Middle East and North Africa Unrest: Implications for Oil and Natural Gas Markets (PDF), paying close attention to the second half which lists each MENA country and its strategic importance (IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, IRAN and EGYPT among others)  you will discover the reason for every political and military intervention by the US and Europe in MENA over the past 10 years.

It's been none other than one massive continuous initiative by the Zionist manipulated West to control the flow of oil from MENA countries.

All roads lead to OIL and the country that stands to benefit most from control over MENA oil is ISRAEL.

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