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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Israel and the subdivision of North Africa : Egypt and Algeria the next to be dismantled

Mahdi - Algerian TNC formed - All Libyan Hotels had Israelis


Civil war is the israeli endgame in all the Arab countries:

 Have a careful look at this map, you'll see that it is exactly the lines used to sub-divide, balkanize according to the Ynnon plan of 1982 all North Africa and particularly Algeria, Libya, Egypt to ensure an Israeli domination on the ground. There is a huge problem, there are 10 million Muslims in France and we are now entering in a civil war in the coming weeks, as we've seen french-Israelis Sarkozy, BH Levy, Netanyahu threatening more and more openly that they want the full control of all the Arab oil, gas and water before the end of the year. So Don't be surprised if the french-israeli government in Paris is overthrown in December 2011

20,000 Shoulder-Fired Surface To Air Missiles Go Missing In Libya!


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