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"They plot and plan but ALLAH also plans and ALLAH is the best of Planners." Qur’an VIII – 30

‘’ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين ‘’: قال الله عزَّ وجل

سورة الأنفال

رضيت بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا رسولا لا إلـه إلا اللـه ... محمد رسـول اللـه

Monday, November 26, 2012

Demise of Bin Laden: A delusional tale

“We, uh, threw him in the ocean when nobody was looking…because….because….well, it’s an Islamic custom!”

This fake "dead Bin Laden" image was spammed all over the world by the psy-oppers who orchestrated the "death of Bin Laden" hoax.

By Kevin Barrett, for Press TV

The “we killed Osama bin Laden, really we did” story is getting more and more bizarre.
On May 2nd, 2011, just hours after the news of the alleged Bin Laden killing was reported, I published a piece that has since gone viral and become something of an underground classic:

“Death of Bin Laden”: A Spectral Human Sacrifice 

In that article, I predicted:

“Whatever evidence they produce identifying the ghost or double as ‘Bin Laden’ will probably have the same chain of custody as the Fatty Bin Laden ‘confession video’ of December 2001 – that is, no chain of custody whatsoever.”

Some of my friends thought I was going out on a limb. Surely, they insisted, the US military hoaxers would take the trouble to manufacture some plausible-looking “evidence” that they had actually killed the world’s biggest bogeyman. After all, billions of people worldwide believed the news reports, published in Pakistan, Egypt, and elsewhere, that Bid Laden died of kidney failure in December, 2001.

I disagreed with my friends. The terror-hoaxers have shown us that they are incapable of manufacturing plausible-looking evidence. Instead, they offer absurd, blatantly-fabricated pseudo-evidence so ridiculous that one suspects they are laughing at the public for believing it.

For example, someone planted a shi’ite bandana next to the empty fifteen-foot hole in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where we were told Flight 93 mysteriously disappeared into the ground on 9/11/2001, leaving no trace except for the aforementioned bandana. One of the many problems with this story: Alleged hijackers of the radical sunni persuasion would be about as likely to wear shi’ite bandanas as to dress up as nuns.

Apparently, to whoever planted that shi’ite bandana, “radical Muslims” all look alike.
You would think the CIA and Mossad would have enough money to hire competent Islamic Studies advisors. Then again, maybe anyone willing to work for those agencies is, by definition, a cretin.
Self-styled Islamic Studies experts who accept the paranoid, delusional 9/11 story, and the idiotic “war on terror” narrative it spawned, are indeed cretins, vermin, genocidal scumbags. One of them, who pretends to speak Arabic, actually had to hire my wife and me to translate Bin Laden speeches for him. That phony, and dozens of others like him, infest the American academy like an army of cockroaches.

Another ridiculous bit of planted 9/11 evidence was the alleged last will and testament of Mohammed Atta. According to the official story, Atta packed his will in a suitcase he expected to be destroyed in Flight 11′s impact into the North Tower. Nice place for a will! Miraculously, Atta’s suitcase failed to make the transfer from a commuter plane to Flight 11, so it was conveniently “discovered” as “evidence” for the 19-hijackers legend.

Atta’s alleged will begins: “In the name of God, myself, and my family…” As top British Mideast journalist Robert Fisk has pointed out, no Muslim would ever pen such an absurd and blasphemous parody of the bismillah. Atta’s supposed will is not just a forgery, not just a bad forgery – it is a truly awful forgery, a counterfeit far less credible than a child’s scribbled imitation of a dollar bill.

And the rest of the “evidence” supporting the official myth of 9/11 is equally preposterous. Likewise with the “evidence” for other atrocities and terror plots attributed to al-CIA-duh.

That’s why I predicted that whatever “evidence” was produced to support the Bin Laden killing story would be weaker than a rubber crutch.

But even I, jaded conspiracy realist that I am, could never have imagined that they would not even bother to fabricate any purported evidence at all!

So even I am dumbfounded by the London Daily Mail story:

Revealed: Military emails show that NO U.S. sailors witnessed Osama bin Laden’s secret burial at sea

  • Emails describe how Osama bin Laden’s body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and slid into the sea after religious remarks in Arabic
  • Defense Department says it cannot find any images or videos of bin Laden’s aboard USS Carl Vinson 
  • Pentagon failed to produce autopsy report, death certificate or results of DNA tests
It’s beyond unbelievable.

No photos. No videos. No autopsy. No death certificate. No DNA tests.
And yet they want us to believe that they threw Osama’s body into the ocean, when NOBODY was looking, “in accordance with Islamic custom.”

Since when is it an Islamic custom to throw bodies into the ocean?
It’s Islamically blasphemous – just as blasphemous as the botched bismillah in Mohammed Atta’s supposed will.

No Muslim would EVER throw a fellow Muslim’s body in the ocean, except perhaps in the direst of imaginable emergencies.
They might as well tell us that Osama’s body was devoured in its entirety by a purple plesiosaur from outer space.

So if any media outlet ever reports or mentions the bizarre, delusional tale of the demise of Osama Bin Laden as if it were fact, or even remotely plausible, you can be sure that that media outlet thinks its audience consists of complete idiots.



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