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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Western Zionist Jewish Mafia with Russian Jewish Mafia still have enough power to block delivery of S400 through the Caucasus to Iran

The only responsible people of the genocide of Chechens are the Western Zionist Jewish Mafia and Russian Jewish Mafia, inside Russian government. Putin is a war criminal because he knows that Russian Jewish Mafia and her huge terror networks in old Khazaria are behind the war in the Caucasus since the beginning, and their desire to offer US-UK-Israel gaz, oil control of distribution and selling through Asia and Europe. If Russian jewish mafia is capable of blocking the delivery of weapons to Iran through Caucasus, then Putin is held by someone, somewhere !

Why war criminal Putin is supporting the israelis over the implementation of a new world currency ? More than 250 000 Chechens were slaughtered in the Caucasus, hundreds of thousands wounded, tortured, raped in a dirty war. Why Putin is not accusing the real brain masters and not cleaning his 'security services' and 'his government' from massive corruption, because claiming victory over innocents is much more easier than taking his responsibility. What is the difference between Berlusconi and Putin ? There is no difference, they are both owned by the zionist jewish mafia !

Russian society shocked. Russians accuse Putin

Publication time: 29 March 2010, 16:21

According to Russian media outlets, in Moscow radio programs devoted to subway bombings, ordinary citizens have expressed their view that this was the work of Russian secret services, whose purpose is to further "tighten the screws" of "ungirdled" society that dared to criticize and demand the resignation of Putin.

The reaction to the bombings is: that even, if the attacks have been really carried out by the Caucasian Mujahideen, the Russian society is now inclined to blame Putin and the FSB for the bombings.

A 10-year incessant talk about the "victory" in the Caucasus and the "pacification of Chechnya" is a de facto approval by Russia's public of a campaign of monstrous terror in Chechnya, which killed 250 thousand civilians, including 42 thousand Chechen children from 0 to 11 of age, led to an extension of the war far beyond Chechnya.

Today, it is more and more evident that a moment of truth has come to the Russian society.

It is obvious that the Russian society does not want itself to answer for their criminal acts - for the murder of a quarter million people. Therefore, according to the law of genre, a chief culprit should be named. And it would be likely Putin, even if the Martyrs' Brigade Riyad-us-Saliheen would later claim responsibility for the Moscow metro attacks.

Hence the explanation of Putin's hysteria, who after the bombings said he is immediately returning to Moscow and demanded, as he did 10 years ago, to "rub out terrorists in the outhouse".

However, a threatening movement of his pale eyebrows and lump horns on his forehead do not impress anybody anymore. It turns out that Putin is guilty in every case.

"If as a result, subsequent calls to the authorities to toughen and "tighten the screws", to increase the funding for law enforcement agencies, are heard, there will be no shadow of a doubt that these explosions are the handwork of special services, Russian citizens say.

A society's movement for a change of the inefficient, corrupt system of the Putin's "vertical of power" is growing. Demands "Putin must go" sound from all the sides, from all the groups of the society, even from his closest associates. In these circumstances, the current government could be capable for every provocations and atrocities, just in order to stay in power.

No trust of many citizens is left anymore in the current government", commentators and journalists write.

"In Putin's Russia the bombings are the most important part of politics. Putin's Russia started with the bombings. And after 10 years, the society has not seen any other explanation for these explosions, but as "the hand of the FSB".

For 10 years, no one took responsibility on them and said a word, like, we blew you up to achieve that and that. The amazing feature of Putin's Russia is: Terrorism in full anonymity.

Since then, terrorism in Putin's Russia, for the most part, is anonymous. Trains derailed, planes fell, subway cars exploded - and no one makes any demands. Guess yourselves, they say, what we wanted to achieve. And this Hollywood thriller has been continuing for 10 years already.

Now, even more interesting, would Putin's Russia end with the blasts, as it had begun?"- a former editor of the former Russian opposition paper Moskovsky Komsomolets Anatoly Baranov asks and concludes --

"Putin's Russia began with the explosions in Moscow, Volgodonsk and the "FSB exercises" in Ryazan. Putin's Russia has been bombing itself for 10 years with and without any reason.

So finally, take away a TNT charge from this fool!"

Department of Monitoring,

Kavkaz Center


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