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"They plot and plan but ALLAH also plans and ALLAH is the best of Planners." Qur’an VIII – 30

‘’ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين ‘’: قال الله عزَّ وجل

سورة الأنفال

رضيت بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا رسولا لا إلـه إلا اللـه ... محمد رسـول اللـه

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Israel, the British government, the Murdoch scandal, 9/11, 7/7 and the next nuclear false flag during the London 2012 Olympic games

Why Mossad, the MI5 and Theresa May want to silence Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza, Muhammad Al Masaari, and anybody saying that Israel is behind the Algerian civil war, 9/11, 7/7, and the next nuclear attack on the London Olympic games in London (Code 9) ? 

Abu Hamza said on the British television that he believed that Israel was behind 9/11, now israeli run British  government wants to extradite him to the USA to silence him. In 2005, Dr Muhammad al Masaari, a saudi opponent, founder of the Al Tajdeed website, explained during one of his program that French-Algerian-Israelis fake groups, naming themselves the GIAs (Group Islamic Armed), were entering from Morocco during the 1995-1999, and literally slaughtering innocent people in Algeria, raping women, beheading babies and blaming it on the FIS, Islamic Front of Salvation, dispossessed from his victory illegally by a coup d'etat. 

Dr Al Masaari was raided by the MI6, who stopped the broadcasting of his live program and threatened him by deportation if he was to speak out openly about the GIAs and the links with France and Israel. 

What are the links between the GIAs and the israeli run MOD?  What are the links between Israel, France, Germany, Great Britain and the GIA-AQIM and their creator general Larbi Belkheir (real name Jospeh Cohen Solal Abulker) and the Algerian military secret services (DRS), headed by another Algerian  Jew, general Mohamed Mediene, called Tewfik? 

What are the links between Reda Hasssaine and the DRS, MOD, DGSE? Is he simply an agent or was his job to silence Abu Qatada to cover up the French-Algerian-Israelis GIA-AQIM terrorist  networks and war crimes in Algeria?  

Why David Cameron is panicking, when next week elections are to be held in Algeria? 

Why is it that during the 11 September 2001, Algerians published on their websites that 9/11 was an israeli operation and were arrested by the french DGSE and jailed in Paris without trial? 

Why is it that the same information was provided to the Azzam website, based in Birmingham and the website was shut down immediately by the MI6? 

Is the coming fall of the military junta in Algeria explains the panic in Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Washington ? 

Or is this simply the lost of the oil, gas, military hundred of billions of kick backs contracts?   

Why the British government did not act when the same Algerians website in Paris explained the 5th July 2005, 48 hours before the bombings, that Israel was to bomb Paris or London undergrounds, depending of which country will have the Olympic games? 

What did Chirac, Bouteflika, Blair, Cameron discussed the 7th July 2005 at the G8 summit in Gleaneagles? 

Why Blair transfered Rachid Ramda (an innocent man blamed for the 1995 bombings in Paris) to France  after public  allegations of  direct french-british-israelis terrorist networks involvement in the London bombings?

Why the MOD ignored the warnings made 48 hours before the attacks in London in July 2005? 

Why Israelis 'security companies' accused of being involved and which failed to protect innocent people in London the underground the 7th July 2005, are working on the security of the Olympic Games sites in 2012? 

Why the same Algerians warning about a nuclear attack during next summer games are again ignored?
Why these Algerians are threatened by the MOD ? 

Why their names had been removed from the 'Operation Weeting list' of people hacked by Murdoch intelligence networks? 

Why confidential information contained in our computers were published on the 7th July 2005 by the Times (a known mossad front)? 

What are the real purposes of the hacking networks put in place by the Murdoch newspapers empire? 

What are the links between Murdoch, Israel and the the major terrorists operations of the last decade, the Iraq war and the coming invasion of Iran, the next nuclear 9/11 false flag, Andrew Warren, ex-CIA director in Algiers, Breivik,  and the Montauban, Toulouse operations? 

Why Lord James of Blackheath who confirmed laundered money for the GIA-AQIM in the UK was not arrested and quizzed?

We've busted the GIAs and faked terrorist groups set up by general Larbi Belkheir, French, British, German, Israeli, American and NATO clandestine terror networks. But oil, gas, military kick backs contracts are part of the big business of the 'Arab Spring' that started in Algeria in 1992...  

Abu Qatada was in Algeria in the 1990s, he probably saw and understood what was the real purpose of the GIAs, a French-Israeli-Algerian front, if he speaks out he will bust openly the fake groups set up by the Zionists networks in Europe and many of the terrorist operations that happened during the last decade from 9/11 in New York to Madrid and London. That's why Mossad wants to silence him. 

The second reason is that Israel is preparing a nuclear attack on the London Olympic games, please read here our previous warnings

 Abdelqader Layada, emir of the french-GIAs, explained that the French government was helping him to start a civil war in Algeria in 1992

Abu Qatada was in Algeria during the 1990s, the man you see in this picture above is Abdelqader Layada, the first 'emir' or commander of the GIA and here what he has to say about his links with French government and the DST during an interview with France 24 the 12th July 2009 (you'll need a translator). He said that the french DST was using him to start the civil war in Algeria and to fight the FIS, legal winner of 1992 elections.      

Mossad website SITE, owned by Rita Katz, a mossad officer, confirmed that Israel is now taking in charge the transfer of Abu Qatada very seriously as it is harming the israeli government now and undermining France, Great Britain secret services. Please read here 

The fake groups created by general Larbi Belkheir, (Joseph Abulker) and general Mohamed Mediene called Tewfik, both of them are Algerian Jews,  have apparently kidnapped a Briton somewhere in Mali and are asking to transfer Abu Qatada in a country liberated by the 'Arab spring'. Pure invention from Tel Aviv!

Confirming to the world the direct links between the Algerian DRS and the Mossad in creating terrorism in North Africa. AQIM, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, is the new name of the GIA. The goal of the israelis, NATO, France, US, UK, is exactly the same as in Libya, Iraq create havoc, terrorism, chaos, invade, kill the people 'under humanitarian excuses' or 'barbarism excuses', and steal the oil and gas fields....  

Charles Pasqua, Nicolas Sarkozy are both mossadniks

Abdelqader Layada was the 'commander or the emir' of the fake group set up by the french FBI, la DST, named the GIA in 1991. The GIAs were set up to fight the FIS, Islamic Front Salvation, led by Sheykh Ali Benhadj and Abassi Madani. This party won the election in 1992, but they were overthrowed by a military coup d'etat led by general Larbi Belkheir (french-israeli-algerian networks) and by the former french president Francois Mitterand and his aids, from the extreme right wing linked to the Gladio NATO clandestine networks, Charles Pasqua (political father of Nicolas Sarkozy) and Jean Charles Marchiani. These organised the courp d'etat with the french-algerian-israeli locals, generals Mohamed Touati, Khaled Nezzar, Mohamed Lamari, Smain Lamari, Gaid Salah, Mohamed Mediene, called Tewfik and others from the army and the FLN party.
 The Algerian Jew general Mohammed Mediene, head of the Algerian secret military services, created the GIAs-AQIM in Algeria with the help of the French government with the goal to dismantle Algeria and help steal the oil, gas. 

General Mohammed Mediene, current head of the algerian secret military services was in the office of the dual citizen, american-israeli, Georges Tenet, head of the CIA, during the day of  9/11. 

This, according to Tenet 'memoires' :At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA ... where page 174:' “Mohammed Mediene, the Algerian intelligence chief, was in Washington when al-qa’ida struck. Like Avi Dichter, he knew up close the pain and challenge of terrorism and he too, could not have conducted himself in a more dignified manner or been…'

Now when we say Israel is behind 9/11, Madrid, London, and there is a coming nuclear 9/11 coming in Europe, does this make sense to you all? 

Principal motivations of the French was to keep the oil, gas fields under France control. While in 1991, Bush senior was invading and seizing the Iraqis oils fields, Saddam, like Gaddafi were  'good clients' for France in term of defense and oil industry contracts.  

Abu Qatada was probably framed and was 'hired' by Abdelqader Layada to make Algerians and Muslims believe that slaughter of other Muslims 'was allowed', which is somehing Abu Qatada denies.  

The massacres in Algeria were carried out by the GIAs mercenaries from ex-Yougoslavia and South Africa, and the 'barbarism' was blamed on 'Islaam' and the FIS. Abu Qatada knows probably a lot more and will have a lot to say publicly about terrorism coming from London, Paris, Washington or Tel aviv.  That's why Theresa May and Jonathan Evans want to kill him by sending him back to Jordan.  

550 000 deaths, 50 000 disappeared, millions of refuges in Algeria since the last two decades, if the military junta fall in Algeria next week, France, UK, US, Germany and Israel will fall under terrorism scandals one after the other from 9/11  to the Olympic games, that's probably why May is working day and night to silence Muslims in London.  

If you add to this the claim of Lord James of Blackheath, who laundered money for the GIA-AQIM, Belkheir, Tewfik, Blair in the UK, please read here, we are on the brink of something big coming right in front of us, please read the last article from Gordon Duff VT website here, Raw Reports, Nuclear Threat from Germany and a possible nuclear attack in the UK, here

An international investigation must be opened in the UK for complicity of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity during the civil war in Algeria and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya as well.

We've got you by the balls!!!



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